Dear Banana's Families, It has been a great couple of weeks finishing off our animal unit learning about pets! Take a look at the various play and activities the friends engaged in around the classroom! In the math and table toys center the friends engaged in shape activities. They matched and sorted fish shapes into a fish bowl and created various pet cage shapes using unifix cubes. The friends also put their fine motor skills to use by lacing different pet shapes. In the science center, the friends used the microscope to look closely at different animals and made observations of their similarities, differences, and what makes the animals special. We also learned about animals habitats and had so much fun engaging in an animal matching game with our peers. In the art center the friends engaged in two different art activities where they created their own pets (or a pet of their choice) using various shapes and modeling clay. The friends loved talking about their own animals at h

Zoo Animals

Dear Banana's Families, We have had a WILD time learning about Zoo Animals in the classroom this week. Take a look at what we have been up to! In the science center we explored the different types of skin that zoo animals can have. The friends engaged in a matching game where they matched the zoo animals skin with the correct zoo animals. In the table toys center, the friends engaged in a sorting activity where they sorted the animals by kind of animal and/or by the size of the animal in the picture. The friends also worked on turn taking skills and sorted one at a time with their peer.    In the literacy center, the friends worked on initial sounds and words and matched those sounds to the letter. They used the animal in the picture to help guide them when identifying the sound and matching the corresponding letter. Our dramatic play center was transformed into a Zoo. The friends took on roles as zoo keeper and visitors. Many of them preferred being the zoo keeper and taking care

Farm Animals Week 2

  Dear Banana's Families,  We have had so much FUN exploring Farm animals in our classroom over the last couple of weeks. Take a look at what we have been up to! We have also been learning all about patterns in our classroom over the last week. In the table toys center the friends used farm animals to copy, extend, and/or create their own AB pattern. During circle time we used the Smart Board to match and create our AB patterns.     In the blocks center we continued to build barns and farm fences for our animals to live in. In the dramatic play center we continued to engage in play as if we were a farmer on the farm. We took on various roles of farmers to care for our animals and crops!     In the art center the friends created barns and farm fences using Popsicle sticks and glue. They also used farm animals to create their own AB patterns.      We will begin talking about Zoo Animals when we return after Thanksgiving Break! REMINDER!! Next Friday, December 3rd is our Family School